What We Do

Bob Brooks is a 23-year veteran of the financial services business and is President of Prudent Money Financial Services. Through Bob’s practice, he invests and manages money as well as helps client plan for their future. Since 2002, Bob has hosted the daily financial radio talk show, The Prudent Money Radio Show. He has counseled 1000’s of listeners through his radio show and personally answered over 20,000 listener e-mails through his popular Ask Bob Q and A resource.

Bob is also the author of the book, Deceptive Money. He currently publishes an editorial three times a week as well as his weekly Prudent Money Newsletter. His objective is teaching people what they need to know to solve financial problems. By presenting the other side of the story, Bob helps listeners and readers become better stewards of their finances. He accomplishes this objective through his writing, radio show, and public speaking. He stays true to his Prudent Money mission – Equipping You to Grow, Protect, and Steward His Money