They to a Cost Effective Valentine’s Day – Knowing What Each Other Really Wants

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These Two Statistics Reveal What is Really Happening with Money

By Bob Brooks February 2, 2015 Lately, we have been discussing deflation on the Prudent Money Radio Show.  Deflation is an economic condition where prices of everything declines. It is the opposite of inflation where prices go up. … Read More

The 5 Step Stewardship Process for Handling His Money

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The Easiest Way to Get Your Identity Stolen – Avoid This

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The Greatest Retirement Myth Ever Told

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“God Told Me to Make You a Lot of Money”

By Bob Brooks January 16, 2014 I had someone call me and tell me a very disturbing story.  A financial advisor held a seminar at a church.  It was a product marketing seminar disguised as an educational seminar. … Read More