Good Example of Identity Theft Phishing Scam

I received this the other day.  You can notice how fake the Chase logo looks.  There are several variations of this email going around. Dear User, It is strongly recommended that you update your account. There are series of… Read More

Saving Won’t Get You to Your Retirement Goals

TIAA-CREFF just released a survey on retirement saving.  This survey and how it is presented is illustrative of the problem with the financial services industry.  The compartmentalize retirement planning by leading the reader to believe if you just… Read More

Security Changes to Credit Cards – It is About Time!

Visa and Mastercard are requiring major retailers and banks to have implemented the security chip into their credit card program by October 2015. This chip can be found on the front of the credit card. Credit Card Website,… Read More

IRS Secrets? You Bet There Are!

Exclusive free webinar with Bob Brooks and Dan Pilla I wanted to make sure you knew about a free webinar that I am hosting with IRS Expert Dan Pilla. Dan has been a long-time friend of the show… Read More

New Changes Could Affect Your Credit Score…For the Good!

The three major credit reporting agencies announced Monday some sweeping changes in the way they report bad debts and it has to do with medical debt.  In an effort to improve credit reporting and relieve pressure from regulators,… Read More

What They Don’t Tell You in Debt Consolidation Programs

The air waves are filled with commercials promising a program to reduce your interest rates, reduce your debt, and make your debt problem go away all with one low payment.  In the process of writing my book Deceptive… Read More